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Welcome to everything PyxelChain™. This page is dedicated to defining what PyxelChain™ Technology is to our customers. It acts as a quick reference for partners and media to ensure the company is represented consistently. You can find our logo, typefaces, colors, and patterns below.
Logo Kit

Logo Kit

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Inspired by pixels and QR codes, our logo contains four letters (P, Y, X, L). PyxelChain’s logo can be colored, monochromatic, or written with "PyxelChain Technology" selectively placed around it. Download our kit to access pre-rendered files for our logo.
Logo Kit


With origins in computer code fonts, our typeface connotes our presence as a software technology company. All headings will be written in the "Iosevka" font. "Inter" font is the typeface for body text and has been selected for its high readability scores.
Logo Kit


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PyxelChain’s color scheme consists of three primary palettes and three accent palettes. Our colors are an identifiable part of our brand and can be used when presenting the PyxelChain logo or brand. If using colors, please follow this guide.
Logo Kit

Patterns Kit

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PyxelChain’s distinctive patterns provide symmetry to our designs. Pay attention to the proportion of your motif, as you don’t want it to overpower your message. Download our kit to access the different ways you can reconfigure your designs.

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