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We are a cutting-edge software development company based out of Wyoming, USA, with a heavy focus on blockchain technology and Web 3.0 integrations. PyxelChain's worldwide team is committed to bringing high-tech solutions to everyday users.

PyxelChain™ Key Values

We want an Internet for the people, run by the people. PyxelChain™ Technology is taking steps to implement a more distributed, better tomorrow. User privacy and protection from scammers are our top priorities.


Today's crypto and web users are constantly tricked, exposed to scams, and misled by false information. We feel we have a moral obligation to inform and defend those who might otherwise be taken advantage of in this space.



Teamwork and trust are essential to succeed in today's fast-paced, digital environment. We empower our employees with the support and freedom they need to drive products forward and thrive.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

PyxelChain’s unbounded potential stems from our ambition and knowledge that no task set before us is too big. We are not limited by existing technology because we are designing the future of it.



We can only accomplish our growth objectives by building precise, useful solutions. We take pride in what we build and aim to solve practical problems with engaging, clean products.

Our Perks

We don't have an office, so there's no chef or meditation room to list here. If you can survive without a corporate bowling alley, here's what we offer.
Fully Remote WorkforceFully-Remote Workforce

Never worry about traffic, bad weather, or that annoying guy in the cubical next to you.

Fully Remote WorkforceUnlimited Paid Time Off

Need a day to recharge? A nice vacation? Family leave? Take it.

Fully Remote WorkforceInsurance

Health, dental, vision - we provide plans that cater to your needs.

Fully Remote WorkforceFlexible Work Hours

Up before the worm? More of a night owl? You choose the hours where you get the most done and structure them around team meetings.

Our Culture

PyxelChain™ is proud to be comprised of a diverse and international team. We have a work culture where our employees are transparent with each other. We respond thoughtfully and respectfully to a plethora of ideas and viewpoints.
Having everyone on the same page moves us forward, and PyxelChain’s team is empowered to spot problems and solve them with minimal bureaucracy. It’s what helps us build such unique and intuitive products. It is why we are excited to be a part of the next generation of the Internet.

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PyxelChain emphasizes customer privacy and control through the use of blockchain technology. We are here to help educate individuals on the safest methods of utilizing crypto and what it means to "decentralize" the practices of the Internet.